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Emotions Matter

Emotions Matter

Last week I posted an article "Don't Take It Personally" and it was extremely interesting to see the comments. The article was viewed by 154,000 people and shared 253 times. I am continually amazed by the importance of emotions in everything that we do. Phrases like 'Don't Take It Personal' and 'Leave Your Emotions at the Door' often trigger emotions instead of the intent of the statements.

Emotions provide critical information about our environment and helps us make informed decisions needed to function or survive. Whether in our personal or professional lives if we are invested or if there is ownership it is hard not to be emotionally involved. The challenge is often not the emotions but how we show up when we are emotional.

According to Plutchick and his wheel, there are 8 basic emotions: Trust(Acceptance), anger, anticipation (interest), disgust, joy, fear, and sadness, surprise. When these emotions show up we are on high alert and managing our emotions take a secondary seat to the actual emotion.

So how do we solve this problem? There are no easy answers or no one size fits all in every situation, but it starts with Emotional Intelligence. SixSeconds defines Emotional Intelligence as being smarter with our feeling. We can get into all the science and the research but if we can be smarter with managing our feelings, that a really good foundation.

Emotions matter in everything that we do!!!! Let's be smarter with managing them so that we show up the way we want to be seen.

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